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Fall Activities in Your New Neighborhood

  One of the best parts about moving is discovering new events in your new neighborhood. The Bryan-College station area offers a plethora of events, especially in the fall, from live musical acts to family friendly activities. This weekend, the last weekend in October, the community calendar is chock-full of fun things to do. Here is Wildcat Movers’ top 5 list of fall-themed activities to do this weekend.       1. Allen Academy’s Fall Fest-a Family Friendly Activity A festival for the whole family, the Allen Academy Fall Fest offers an evening bounce-houses, cake walks, carnival games, and more. Read more
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Tips for Moving With Pets

      Pets thrive on routine, and with a big change like a move, your pet could begin to show behavioral problems, stop eating, or even try to escape to get back to his old ‘home.’ By following these tips, you can make the move less stressful for both you and your pet.   1. Make the Transition Slowly If you have been planning your move in advance, you know to call the moving company, get armloads of boxes, and stock up on newspaper and packing tape, but waiting to pack and have everything moved right before moving day Read more
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Renter’s Insurance-Why it Matters

Your local Plano moving company has safely moved all of your belongings to your new home and it’s time to unpack. The movers were meticulous with your antiques, your electronics, and your personal items, and it occurs to you how valuable your belongings really are. Now that your movers have delivered everything to your new home, it’s time for you to consider how to make sure you are protected if your new home is damaged by flood, fire, or natural disaster. Protecting yourself with renters insurance may be a good (and cheap) investment. Here are some of the top reasons Read more
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Smooth Move: 10 Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

So you’ve found your new digs: You’ve signed all the paperwork, you’ve envisioned how you’re going to decorate, and you’ve already started a list of all of the new-home DIY projects you’ve been dying to try. Now, the tedium begins: You begin to pack, and it hits you that you had no idea just how much stuff you’d collected living in your current home, or how exactly you’re going to get it all moved. Instead of heaving everything into a box in a rushed panic, here are five moving tips to make your moving day easier: 1. Organization Matters The Read more