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Happy Thanksgiving From Wildcat Movers!

  Happy Thanksgiving from the Wildcat Movers family to yours! As Texans, we have a lot to be thankful for in the Bryan-College Station area! Here are some of our favorites!   1. Dixie Chicken “42,” anyone?     2. A&M Football! It’s like tailgating with 80 thousand of your closest friends!       3. Enjoying Texas-sized Christmas spirit at Santa’s Wonderland!   4. First Fridays -Town Square Gatherings!   5. And of course, one of the best things we have to be thankful for in Bryan-College Station: Getting your shirt stained with delicious BBQ at J Cody’s! Read more
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Moving House Plants

For many people, plants are their passion, and spending years cultivating, caring for, and maintaining a collection of indoor foliage can be ruined by not moving houseplants properly. By following these tips, your houseplants have a better chance of survival during your moving process. 1. Across Town: If you’re simply moving across College Station and don’t need to worry about your plants withstanding hundreds or thousands of miles, packing your plants in an open box will do the trick. Stuff the sides of the box with newspaper or towels to keep the plant steady and make sure that the boxes Read more
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Kitchen Moving Tips You May Not Have Heard Of

  After you’ve sorted, purged, donated, and packed your room, your bathroom, your kids’ rooms and the like, one of the last places you need to pack is your kitchen. Considering you use items in your kitchen until the day you move, you’re likely to have some items left over after most everything is packed away. Here are some moving tips for kitchen items you may not have tried: Plates:   If you’ve run out of newspaper or bubblewrap once the rest of your belongings are packed, packing your plates is as easy as sliding a styrofoam plate inbetween a Read more
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Ways to Discover Local Activities

  Moving into your new neighborhood opens up a world of new possibilities. There are new attractions, new local festivities, and new activities to do no matter what your interests are. By knowing where to look, you  can find things that fit you and your family’s interests. For Families: Discovering new places for family outings in Plano and the surrounding areas can be as easy as picking up a newspaper, but there are even more personable ways to discover your neighborhood. By attending functions at your children’s school, you will be able to not only meet your child’s friends and Read more
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Tips for Moving with Children

    Maybe you’ve taken a new job, or decided to move closer to your ageing parents. Moving can be an exciting experience as well as a hectic one, and most children are not exactly thrilled by the news that they will be leaving their friends and their school behind. Kids, as much as it may seem quite the opposite, thrive on routine, and changing everything they know about their lives can be a trying time, but it can also be a great time for family bonding and a brand new start. Moving to another state  or even just moving Read more