Moving Boxes & Supplies

Rent Eco-Friendly Boxes

Convenient, Eco-Friendly, and Affordable.

If you are packing yourself we highly recommend our friends at Elephant Trunk. They make packing easy, and there is no tape or cardboard to dispose of at the end of your move.

-Free Delivery and pick up
-Durable plastic boxes
-Similar cost as cardboard and eco-friendly
-Easy to pack, stack & move

Full Service Packers & Movers

Wildcat Movers sells the following supplies for full service pack and moves.

Small $1.56
Medium $2.42
Dish Pack $6.06
Wardrobe Box $13.86
Picture Corner Box $1.96
Tape $3
Packing Paper – 25lb $31.78
Shrink Wrap $28
Markers $1.50
Pull Strap $10
Movers Box / Gondola $30
TV Box Medium$20
TV Box Large$25
Paper Storage Pad $1.84
Moving Pad – Purchase $20
Moving Pad – Storage Lease$12
Moving Pad – Storage Lease Return ($6)

Storage Pad Rental

  • NOT applicable for Uhaul / Rental Truck Loading Services.
  • Renting pads when moving into storage will save time and money. Movers will not have to unwrap furniture while unloading, or rewrap when loading.

Small Boxes

  • Books, CDs, DVDs, Magazine, Glassware, Cups, Silverware.

Dish Pack

  • Kitchen Appliances, Linens, Towels, Lamps, Lamp Shades, Clothes, Large Bowls, Office Supplies.

Wardrobe Boxes

  • Hanging Clothes, Shoes in bottom, Tall Lamps, Linens, Large Light Weight Items.


  • Don’t overpack boxes. 1 Mover should be able to pick up each box.
  • Tape 3 times on the bottom of each box. Tape one time across the top.
  • Use plenty of Packing Paper.
  • Try to fill every box to the top.