Moving Boxes & Supplies

Small $1
Medium $1.50
Dish Pack $4
Wardrobe Box $15
Picture Corner Box $2
Tape $3
Packing Paper – 30 lb $30
Shrink Wrap $30
Markers $3
Pull Strap $10
Movers Box / Gondola $30
TV Box Medium$20
TV Box Large$30
Paper Storage Pad $2
Moving Pad – Purchase $20
Moving Pad – Storage Lease$10
Moving Pad – Storage Lease Return ($5)

Storage Pad Rental

  • NOT applicable for Uhaul / Rental Truck Loading Services.
  • $10/Pad Rental
  • ($5)/Pad Rental Returned
  • Renting pads when moving into storage will save time and money. Movers will not have to unwrap furniture while unloading, or rewrap when loading.

Small Boxes

  • Books, CDs, DVDs, Magazine, Glassware, Cups, Silverware.

Dish Pack

  • Kitchen Appliances, Linens, Towels, Lamps, Lamp Shades, Clothes, Large Bowls, Office Supplies.

Wardrobe Boxes

  • Hanging Clothes, Shoes in bottom, Tall Lamps, Linens, Large Light Weight Items.


  • Don’t overpack boxes. 1 Mover should be able to pick up each box.
  • Tape 3 times on the bottom of each box. Tape one time across the top.
  • Use plenty of Packing Paper.
  • Try to fill every box to the top.