Expectations, FAQ, and Tips

Wildcat Movers Experience

What to expect from Wildcat Movers.

  • A Move Coordinator will collect the customer’s contact information, origination/destination addresses, inventory, and additional stops, and provide a FREE estimate.
  • On move day the Lead Mover will call the customer before heading to the origination address.
  • The Lead Mover will conduct a walk through with the customer and moving crew to set expectations about the move. The customer can give the crew specific instructions at this time.
  • Review the contract with the customer, and obtain signatures.
  • •The Lead Mover will develop a plan for their crew to successfully load, transport, and unload the furniture. The Moving Crew will begin moving your household goods. Now it’s time for the customer to “Keep Calm and We’ll Carry On”.
  • Efficiently prep furniture.
  • Use dollies and proper lifting techniques to move furniture and boxes from the customer’s home into the moving truck.
  • Drive the box truck to the customer’s destination address.
  • Unload furniture and boxes, and arrange to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • When the Movers are finished unloading at the destination the Lead Mover will confirm with the customer that the move has been completed to their satisfaction. At the this time the Lead Mover will take final signatures on the contract, and collect payment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Wildcat Movers NOT move?


Jewelry, Money, Medicine, Laptops, Documents, Keys, Gold, or Silver.

Hazardous / Flammable Materials:

Propane Tank, Matches, Cleaning Products, Firearms, Ammunition, Aerosols, Paint, Motor Oil, Gasoline. We also ask you drain the oil and gas from your lawn mower and clear of loose grass clippings. Please clean ash and grease from BBQ.


Food and Plants.

Do NOT pack your liquids of any kind. One leaky bottle can ruin a lot of boxes and furniture. This includes olive oil, cleaning products, water, liquor, wine, beer, sodas, vinegar, liquid soaps, and candles (melt).

Can Wildcat Movers disassemble and reassemble beds?

Yes, we provide basic assembly and disassembly services.

Can Wildcat Movers disconnect and reconnect our Washer and Dryer?

Yes, we do basic disconnect and reconnects of Washer/Dryers. We DO NOT provide any additional electrical or plumbing services. Dryers come with either a “3 prong” or “4 prong” power cord. If your new home has the incorrect type of outlet in the wall you will have to install a new power cord on your dryer. Wildcat Movers does not offer this service.

Can I leave my clothes in the dresser drawers?

We prefer you remove all items from your dresser drawers for 2 reasons.

1. It makes the furniture lighter for our movers to lift without hurting themselves or the furniture.

2. We must tip dressers to carry them or load them on dollies. The extra weight inside the furniture can cause damage to the legs of the furniture when we move it.

What services does Wildcat Movers NOT provide?

Any assembly that requires drilling into your walls. Specifically we do not remove or install tv mounts or speakers. Wildcat Movers will assist you by lifting TVs off the wall. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the TV disconnected.

Are there any extra fees I should know about?

NO. All fees are covered up front when scheduling with our Move Coordinator.

See our Pricing page for move details.

Are you Insured?


Does Wildcat Movers provide moving pads?

Yes. Every truck is stocked with sufficient pads, dollies, shrink wrap, and tools.

LABOR ONLY CUSTOMERS – We do not provide padding if we are loading a customer’s rental truck (U-haul, Penske, Budget, etc.). The customer will be responsible for renting their own pads.

Should I rent pads if I am hiring Wildcat Movers to Load a rental truck (U-haul, Penske, Budget)?

Yes, We recommend that you rent at least one furniture pad for every piece of furniture you want loaded into your rental truck. This includes one for every small item such as dining room chairs, nightstands, and small shelves.  You will need 2-3 pads for every large piece such as dressers, couches, armoires, etc.

We typically recommend at least 2-3 dozen pads for smaller rental trucks (14′-17′).

And upwards of 4-8 dozen for the larger rental trucks (20′-26′).

Do you move customers on Saturdays and Sundays?

We service customers 7 days a week.

Do I need to provide the truck or equipment?

Our crews always arrive with a 24+ ft. truck, dollies, pads, straps, shrink wrap, and tools.

Does Wildcat Movers offer storage space? Do you store belongings over night?

We do not offer any storage through Wildcat Movers. We can provide you with quality storage recommendations in the areas we service.

What is the latest time slot you can book my move?

Typically we will not schedule a move to start after 2 pm. Regardless of how small or large it is.

How much should I tip my movers?

Tipping is not required or expected. However, our movers make very good tip money here at Wildcat Movers. Our tips average $20-$50/mover for local moves.

Does Wildcat Movers require a Deposit to reserve an appointment?

We do require a deposit to reserve an appointment with Wildcat Movers.

Deposits are non-refundable.
Deposits will be credited to your final invoice on move day EXCEPT if you reschedule less than 3 days prior to your original move date.
In such case your original deposit WILL NOT be credited to your final invoice, and a new deposit will be required to secure your new move date.
Your original deposit WILL transfer to your new move date if you reschedule more than 3 days prior to your original move date.
What happens if I need to reschedule?

Call as soon as you find out that your move can not be executed the day you have scheduled. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Whats your cancellation policy?

We ask that you call and cancel at least 3 days prior to your move date or as early as possible.

What do I do if my belongings are damaged during a move?

Please contact your Move Coordinator, and they will send you a Damage Claim Form. Wildcat Movers carrier’s liability for loss or damage to any shipment is $1.20/lb per article (2X TXDMV minimum requirement of $0.60/lb).

Can I arrange a move without me being there?

We prefer you are present for all or most of the move.

How big are your trucks?

24-26 Feet Long.

Are you employees full time employees?


Packing Tips:

Save time and money by being prepared prior to moving day.

While we are extra careful with all of your possessions, make sure that all of your boxes are packed correctly.

Wildcat Movers is not liable for boxes that are packed incorrectly.

  • Pack EVERY box completely full bottom to top. Use extra packing paper to fill in gaps where items can shift inside the box.
  • Securely tape EVERY box on the top and bottom. We recommend 3 strips of tape on bottom, and at least 1 across the top.
  • Please close and tape the top of EVERY box. Open top boxes are very hard to pack in the moving truck. We can not stack as high which limits how much will fit in the truck.
  • Please do not make excessively heavy boxes. One mover should be able to pick up each box.
  • Estimates DO NOT include packing.

Box Guide:

Small Boxes

Use small boxes for dense or fragile items including: books, paperwork, dishes, and glasses.

Small boxes are also ideal for packing fragile items. Pack fragile items with plenty of packing paper.

Medium Boxes

Clothes, linens, towels, pillows, small kitchen appliances, toys, video games, and electronics.

Wardrobe Boxes

Made to transport hanging clothes.

Fill the bottom of wardrobe boxes with clothes, shoes, linens, towels, or pillows.