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Our Apartment Moving Process

Apartment moving is very different from home moving in that it requires movers to use elevators or an increased number stairs than would be required for most homes. And these days, apartments are only getting taller. Moving up and down stairs requires specific holds, strength, and technique to properly move furniture without damage. Luckily, all our movers are trained in those specific techniques to ensure an excellent apartment moving experience no matter what. Similarly, moving with elevators requires movers to tactically stage items in order to optimize the efficiency of an apartment move. However, our movers are trained for this as well. Once on the ground floor, the movers will then completely unload the elevator before transferring the furniture into the truck and follow the same process in the opposite direction at your destination.

What We Include

We include the following in our moving rates: Moving Truck, Movers, Dollies, Pads, Tools, and Gas.

Why You Should Hire Wildcat Movers

Choosing the right apartment movers can be quite challenging.  There are so many moving companies out there that will offer you cheap moving rates for apartments, but their actual moving service does not live up to the hype. In other words, you will likely get what you paid for.

Wildcat Movers has been in the business of moving apartments since the very beginning.  We started this moving company in a college town FULL of apartments. Fast forward more than a decade later and apartment moves are still a big part of our business.  It can often be very challenging to move an apartment with just you and some friends, so pick Wildcat Movers as your moving company of choice.

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