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Wildcat Movers | Plano Spotlight: Dubs Tea & Water

Moving to Plano, Texas, or looking for a great place to take a break during your move? Are you looking for a lovely welcoming local business to quench your thirst? Dubs Tea & Water is a quaint, locally owned shop offering delicious drinks, signature stuffed snacks, and inexpensive filtered water. This is a great local business to hang out, and they are accommodating to just about everyone – including your four legged family members! When you walk in you may be overwhelmed by the plethora of drink choices, including infused waters, teas, and coffees. In fact, the owner, Lance “ELDub” Read more
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Wildcat Movers Plano | Local Feature | Whiskey Cake

LOCAL FEATURE: WHISKEY CAKE in PLANO TEXAS!     We know how hard it can be to launch a successful local Plano business, but Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar, a local restaurant, makes becoming wildly popular look effortless. In addition to having some of the best food in Texas, they are extremely environmentally conscious, and they employ a farm to table mentality. From having a backyard herb garden and local honey, to using solar power and offering complimentary electric car chargers, everything about Whiskey Cake oozes locality and care. Their namesake, a delicious whiskey cake with notes of toffee, pecans, and bourbon, is so Read more
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Guide to Roommate Departure from Your Local Plano Movers

Since we’re a local moving company in Plano, Texas, we’ve seen just about every scenario when it comes to roommates moving out. It can be a stressful situation for everyone involved, especially if one of the parties involved is violating the lease agreement. Here is a breakdown of the possible problems you may run into, and the solutions you will need to know. If you’re looking for a roommate now, be sure to look into their background, rental history, and references. Don’t choose someone on a whim; you’re going to be spending quite a bit of time around each other, Read more
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Local Plano Business Spotlight With Wildcat Movers!

As a local Plano business, we understand the struggles small business owners face, from daily operations, to yearly reviews. Competing with monolithic corporations can be overwhelming; from pricing to payroll, from marketing to healthcare, a small business owner must wear many hats. In a community, especially a small community, networking with other local businesses is essential. We form a support group for each other, because in our town, we’re their neighbors, friends, and family. Their success is our success. We are going to continue to feature local Plano businesses, so that you can learn more about the people in your Read more
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Your Plano Moving Guide to Corporate Relocation

There are a couple of large national companies moving to Plano. As your local moving company in Plano, Texas, we hope to be some of the first to welcome you to this awesome city. Corporate moves come with their own special set of challenges. When you’re navigating your move, keep the following tips in mind, and be sure to call us for any advice (even if it’s to find out where the best restaurants are in town)! Timing is everything. If you get to choose the time of year to move, you’ll get the best rates and availability in the Read more
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Local Spotlight: Plano Overhead Garage Door

Plano Spotlight: Plano Overhead Garage Door As a local business is Plano, Texas, we like to spotlight small businesses in Plano that we think are doing an exemplary job of representing our community. We’re going to tell you about Plano Overhead, a business focusing on Garage Doors in Plano. In business for almost 40 years, Plano Overhead Garage Door is a wonderful, family owned, local company specializing in garage doors, garage door openers, and repairs. They are absolutely the best at what they do, and most of their business comes from old fashioned, word of mouth referrals from doing such an Read more
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Hiking in Plano, Texas | Great Hiking Spots As Chosen by Wildcat Movers Plano

Although being movers in Plano allows us to keep in shape, sometimes we want to head out to the trails and do some hiking and relax in some of the great hiking locations that Plano, TX has to offer. We’ve selected for you three different Plano trails that you may not have explored yet, and some that offer something a little different than the regular ‘strap on some hiking boots’ trails. Here are three great hiking spots in Plano TX and the surrounding areas brought to you by Wildcat Movers in Plano TX!   ARBOR HILLS NATURE PRESERVE Arbor Hills Read more
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How To: Moving a Pool Table

  Wildcat Movers Explains How To Move a Billiards Table People in Texas love Billiards. This may explain why our moving company in Plano, Texas has moved a lot of pool tables over the years. Don’t sell an integral part of your man (or lady) cave out of frustration. Use our tips to get your table safely to your new home. By far the easiest way to move a pool table is to hire a team of professional Plano movers to disassemble, move, reassemble, level, and refelt your table in your new home. Some people opt for the DIY route, so here Read more
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5 Awesome Restaurants in Plano

As movers in Plano, Texas, we work up quite an appetite. Since we tend to be big eaters, as soon as your Plano movers are done carefully unloading all of your belongings into your new pad, you may find us sitting down to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. Here is a list of our favorites (in no particular order)! 1. Breakfast – Crêpes 4 U Although they aren’t open for breakfast (they usually open at 3, or 12:30 on the weekends), Crêpes 4 U definitely wins our vote for best breakfast food, but don’t count it out for Read more
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What to Do in Plano, Texas

What to Know About Historic Downtown Plano  From: Your local Plano Moving Company – Wildcat Movers   When folks first hear of Plano, Texas, many people think of a sleepy, tiny town outside of Dallas with not much going on. However, there is more to Plano, Texas than meets the eye. Plano is currently undergoing a renaissance, and enjoying cultural and economic growth as well as expanding a diversified and artistic downtown area. What is there to know about the history of downtown Plano, Texas? As local movers in Plano, we’ve got the lowdown, and we love to talk about Read more