The Best Packing Tips For Your Move

Packing can be the most tedious part of moving. Once you’ve sorted, gifted, sold, and donated your unwanted items, you’re left with the items that you’re taking to your new home.

Here are your local Addison moving company’s tips on packing the bulk of your move!





1. Know What Not to Pack


This may sound like working backwards, but if you know what not to pack with your regular moving items, you don’t have to sift through boxes to remove the items when the moving truck gets there. Some hazardous common household items that should not be packed with your move are  paint (including varnish and thinners) gasoline, kerosene, aerosol cans, nail polish and remover, ammunition and explosives, and some cleaning liquids.  This is not an exhaustive list, but keep in mind anything flammable should not be packed. Ask your local moving company if you’re on the fence about an item.





2. Use Appropriate Moving Boxes



Many people load up on boxes from their local grocery store or from a friend’s recent move. While these can be used, it is important to have a backstock of new boxes designed for moving, especially for your important items. Packing things in used boxes can result in damage to your belongings if the box isn’t clean or if the strength of it has been compromised in any way. You can get moving boxes (including wardrobe boxes for packing your clothes easily) from your moving company in Addison.




Use Good Packing Material


stack-newspapersIt’s easy to pick up the surplus newspapers at your neighborhood gas station, but remember that printed newspapers (and  colored tissue paper)  may bleed ink on your possessions. Using newspaper to pack your gardening items may be a good idea, but your using white packing paper or using other cushioning for your packing materials will save you a messy clean up later. Towels, blankets, and bubblewrap are all alternatives to packing with newspaper.



Packing can be tedious, as can the moving process as a whole. If you want to skip the packing process altogether, there’s always that option. Call your movers in Addison to ask about a full-service move!


Wildcat Movers wishes you the very best on this change in your life! From packing to unloading, we are here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!