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Plano Movers – A Top 10 List of Things to Do in Plano, Texas!

Plano Movers: We're all around town!
Plano Movers: We’re all around town!

Plano Movers on The Move: Your local Plano Movers (That’s us!)

Give You a List of Attractions and Events in Plano, Texas!


As your Plano movers, we’re all around town talking to folks that have the best inside information on things to do in Plano, Texas.  Whether you’re a lifelong resident or you just had your Plano movers haul all of your belongings into town for the first time, we’ve got a list for you of attractions and events that are not to miss!


  1. Visit Arbor Hills Nature Preserve!

One the guys on our team of Plano movers has a real affinity for hiking-and his biggest recommendation was to visit the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. With tons of trails both paved and natural, you can enjoy a nature hike by yourself or in a group. Good for all ages and skill levels!

Photo of Arbor Hills Nature Preserve


2. See The Animals and Old Farm Equipment at Heritage Farmstead Museum

If you like antique farm equipment and history, your Plano movers recommend the Heritage Farmstead Museum. You can see how the folks from the past used to till up the land, and the kids will love seeing all the farm animals.


Photo of Heritage Farmstead Museum



3. Enjoy Historic Downtown Plano

If your Plano movers have just moved all of your belongings to your new home in Plano, and you’re looking for a way to get into the nitty-gritty of your new town, there’s nothing better than spending some time in downtown Plano! The shops, restaurants, events, live music on First Fridays, and people watching can’t be beat! By exploring your new downtown, you can meet your neighbors and learn more about what your new city has to offer! Your Plano movers welcome you to your new town!


Photo of Historic Downtown Plano


 4. See The Interurban Railway Museum

A look into the past into some of America’s oldest and greatest means of transportation for people and products alike, the Interurban Railway Museum offers a glimpse into days gone by. A great day to spend with little ones or even for a unique datenight!

Photo of Interurban Railway Musuem


5. Have Fun at Amazing Jakes

Amazing Jakes

Amazing Jake’s is a fanstastic place to plan your next group outing, a fun school  trip,Meet-Up Group,  team party or any other group outing you can conjure up. Located at Collin Creek Mall, this fun-filled paradise features go-karts ( and who doesn’t love go-karting!?) bumper cars, mini- golf,  arcade games, laser tag, a rock wall for climbing and much more. Great for kids or even a party of adults!  Your Plano movers have spent some great days at Amazing Jakes, and it comes highly recommended!


Whether or not you use these tips on fun attractions in Plano or you come up with your own while discovering your town, Plano is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. We’d love to hear your comments-what are your favorite things to do in Plano? Leave them in the comments section and let your new neighbors know what you want to get up to-you never know what could be your new favorite thing about your town.

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Your Plano Movers wish you happy moving!




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