College Station: Moving in Different Seasons

Moving in College Station may seem like a no-brainer: Gather your moving supplies, pack your things, call your College Station movers, and head off to your new place. In College Station, Texas, we get to enjoy nearly year-round summer, but when weather hits, will you be prepared?



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Your College Station moving company is prepared to get the job done no matter the weather!


Here are some tips on moving during different seasons, as put together for you by your friends at Wildcat Movers in College Station!




Summertime: As College Station residents we know it well-but moving in the summertime can be hazardous if you don’t take the proper precautions! We know that Texas heat can get well above 100 degrees, and when you are going from a cool, air-conditioned house or apartment to the outside, with the sun beating down on you, your body can get quite a shock. Keep on hand: An ice-filled cooler with cool washrags in them in case you want to cool yourself down quickly, fresh, cool water (lots of it-dehydration in the College Station heat is no joke!) and some light snacks. Heavy, carbohydrate-rich food may make many people feel weighed-down and sick to their stomachs.




Autumn is a very popular time for moving in College Station-your local College Station movers are booked well in advance, as the semester brings a lot of residents to our town. Moving in fall can also be a challenge, because the weather can be so fickle. In the mornings, temperatures can drop below freezing and by noon, College Station residents are turning on their air conditioning and putting on a t-shirt! When moving in College Station in the fall months, it is important to remember to have a few key things at the ready: A sweater, a cooler with fresh water, some gloves if you are moving earlier in the morning or later in the evening, and a broom for sweeping leaves out of doorways and walkways-fall leaves can be hazardous as they can cause you or your local College Station movers to slip and fall.




While not many people enjoy moving during the coldest months of the year, sometimes moving in College Station in the wintertime is inevitable. While Texas typically has warmer winters, and snow is a rarity, being prepared for winter-weather can be one of the best things you can do. Your College Station movers know that it’s a good idea to have slip-proof shoes, a warm jacket, gloves with a good grip on them, (and a mug of hot cocoa or coffee!) Thought it may be cold outside, always, always, always have water. Moving can work up quite a sweat, even if you have hired movers in College Station to do the heavy lifting for you.




Spring is a fairly easy time to move and can have some of the most favorable weather of all of the seasons when it comes to the kind of weather you’d want to move in. However, with the beauty of spring comes spring rain. Moving while it’s raining can be done-and your local College Station movers (that’s us!) can handle it-but in order to be prepared, having ponchos, dry towels, and tarps on hand can save you a lot of stress. Your movers will bring these things to complete your move-but if you are doing last minute cleaning of a patio or garage, you may want to make sure you have these things accessible to you if the need arises-and as always, don’t forget to have water on hand and stay hydrated throughout your move.


Moving during all seasons pose many hazards, trials, and obstacles, but by being prepared and staying hydrated (and calling your local College Station movers to do the job!) your move will go seamlessly and you will arrive at your new home with your belongings safe, unharmed, and ready to find their spaces in your new digs.


If you are looking for a local, professional moving company in College Station, give your friends at Wildcat Movers a call! We are a College Station moving company that is proud to serve the residents of our community.




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