Wildcat Movers | Plano Spotlight: Dubs Tea & Water

Moving to Plano, Texas, or looking for a great place to take a break during your move? Are you looking for a lovely welcoming local business to quench your thirst? Dubs Tea & Water is a quaint, locally owned shop offering delicious drinks, signature stuffed snacks, and inexpensive filtered water. This is a great local business to hang out, and they are accommodating to just about everyone – including your four legged family members!
Some of the delicious fare from Dubs Tea (source: Dubs Tea Twitter account)
When you walk in you may be overwhelmed by the plethora of drink choices, including infused waters, teas, and coffees. In fact, the owner, Lance “ELDub” Wayman, brews about 50 types of tea each day! If you’re having trouble deciding, not to worry, you are free to sample as many drinks as you like. Dubs also offers loyalty tea and coffee cups, so it’s easy to make it your daily stop on your way to or from work.
Dubs sells tea by the cup, half gallon, or whole gallon, and their prices are comparable to the stuff you would get at the supermarket so you can ditch the artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. If you call ahead, Lance will have your gallon of delicious tea waiting for you. And for parents with babies or toddlers who will only doze off during a car ride, Lance offers a life changing service – he will walk your order out to your car!
Other offerings besides plain purified water and tea include fruit infused water, lemonade, iced coffees, hot chocolate, lattes, hot tea lattes, Bullet coffee, espresso, and up to 7 flavors of single origin coffees on hand at all times. Their stuffed waffles and pretzels have become a local favorite, and they occasionally whip up something sweet to compliment their wonderful drinks.
Dubs is also a great place for the community to come together and relax. If you need a quiet place to work or study during the day, they offer free WiFi. It’s also an awesome safe hang out spot for local high school students after school. With an enormous game cabinet full of board and card games, art supplies, and video games, along with a huge flat screen TV, it’s easy to see the appeal. Dubs also has event nights that include local author book signings, live music, Rock Band nights, game nights and Dungeons and Dragons nights. If you need a great space for your group to get together, give Lance a call and let him know. He is super accommodating, and he lives with his wife near their shop.
So, next time you’re thinking about picking up a gallon of tea or water, or you’re looking for a place to kick up your feet, play a game, or finish that paper, stop by Dubs and say hi to Lance. Remember, when you support local Plano businesses, you’re supporting your community, your neighbors, and the local economy. We hope everyone we move to Plano stops by for a cold (or hot!) cup of their favorite drink!
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