6 Ways to Save Money Hiring Movers

Hiring good movers is never cheap. However, there are many things you can do to save money when hiring movers who charge by the hour. Time is money when paying by the hour.

1. Be Prepared to Move Before The Movers Arrive.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but a decent percentage of our customers are not fully packed and organized when we arrive at their homes on move day. We here at Wildcat Movers provide full-service moving and packing. If you elect to do the packing yourself do as thorough of a job as possible, and have it finished before your movers arrive at your home. This is the BEST way to save money when hiring movers.


2. Make Sure Movers are Licensed and Insured

Before hiring a mover make sure they are licensed and insured like Wildcat Movers. Movers are regulated at the state level and must be registered with the state DOT or DMV depending on the state. Here in Texas moving companies must register with TXDMV. If you hire a mover that is unlicensed and uninsured, and they damage your belongings this step could cost you the most money. To see if your mover is licensed and insured in Texas follow this link: TXDMV Mover Lookup.


3. Organized Boxes by Size

This is an easy and fast way to save time and money with hourly movers. Stack your boxes by like size. Meaning stack the smalls on the smalls, the mediums on the mediums, and so on. This is a small task that any efficient mover will do when they begin moving boxes. Having boxes stacked by size allows them to stay stacked better on the dolly, and makes packing the truck that much easier, and faster. We here at Wildcat Movers stack 4 small boxes per stack, and 3 medium boxes per stack. That is the maximum that fits on our professional moving dollies.

4. Close and Tape Box Tops

When packing make sure that the top of every box is closed and taped shut. This allows your movers in Plano, Texas to move stacks of boxes on their dolly much faster than carrying each open top box. This will also allow them to load, and stack your belongings in the moving truck efficiently.

Open Top Boxes

5. Disassemble & Assemble Beds

This is a small task that can add up, especially in house moves with 4+ beds. We here at Wildcat Movers include this in our full-service moving services. However, if you are on a budget this is a great way to save time and money. Most beds can be disassembled with a screwdriver and/or a set of Allen wrenches.


6. Disconnect & Reconnect Washer and Dryer

All you need is a pair of vice grips and a screwdriver to save yourself time and money with your movers. Starting with the washer all you have to do is turn off the water, unscrew the water connection hoses, pull out the drain hose, and unplug the power cord. The dryer is even more simple. Use a screwdriver to disconnect the exhaust hose put it inside the dryer for transport, and disconnect the power cord. Wildcat Movers in Dallas is always more than happy to assist you with this task, but it is just one more simple thing you can do to save time and money on your next move.

For more tips follow this link: move cost savings, frequently asked questions, and packing tips.