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Kitchen Moving Tips You May Not Have Heard Of


After you’ve sorted, purged, donated, and packed your room, your bathroom, your kids’ rooms and the like, one of the last places you need to pack is your kitchen. Considering you use items in your kitchen until the day you move, you’re likely to have some items left over after most everything is packed away.

Here are some moving tips for kitchen items you may not have tried:




If you’ve run out of newspaper or bubblewrap once the rest of your belongings are packed, packing your plates is as easy as sliding a styrofoam plate inbetween a stack of plates. This way, once you’re at your new place, you wont have to immediately worry about doing dishes, and can use the styrofoam from the stack.




shrinkwrap silverware

Rather than individually wrap each set of silverware just to place into a box, save time by wrapping your entire silverware holder with plastic wrap. You’ll save wrapping materials and time this way.


Probably the easiest way to pack glasses is to go to a box store where glasses are shipped in large quantities. The stores will likely have leftover boxes the glasses were shipped in. These boxes are specially designed for shipping glasses without breaking them.



Pack Your Coffee Maker Last:



Moving day will arrive before you know it! Even though there are many coffee places you can stop at when your moving across College Station,  one of the best things you can do is leave out what you’ll want to have the day of your move.