Moving House Plants

For many people, plants are their passion, and spending years cultivating, caring for, and maintaining a collection of indoor foliage can be ruined by not moving houseplants properly. By following these tips, your houseplants have a better chance of survival during your moving process.

We know your plants are important to you. Protect them during your move.

1. Across Town

If you’re simply moving across College Station and don’t need to worry about your plants withstanding hundreds or thousands of miles, packing your plants in an open box will do the trick. Stuff the sides of the box with newspaper or towels to keep the plant steady and make sure that the boxes are placed securely so they don’t topple over. Your plants will make it across town just fine.

2. Covering the dirt

For longer moves, wrapping each pot with plastic (VERY carefully) around the stems and dirt and securing it with tape or string will keep the dirt in the pot. This way, you can lie taller plants on their sides without worrying about the potting soil getting everywhere and the plant coming loose. If you do lay a plant on its side, make sure it is not in a place where something can fall on top of it. Your movers will have secured everything in the truck, but if you are moving plants in the car, this is especially important!

3. Cold Weather

Although moving in Bryan, Texas in the winter is not as hazardous as in colder parts of the world, even a small bit of exposure to cold weather can harm your sensitive indoor plants. Wrapping them carefully and loosely with newspaper to protect their leaves and stems before moving them can save them from damage. A large plastic tub insulated with newspaper can help with this as well.

4. Long Distance Moving: If you are moving out of College Station and not simply across town, moving plants can be slightly more of a challenge than simply relocating to a new neighborhood, especially if you will be stopping overnight. If you do this, taking extra precautions to make sure your plants don’t get too cold or dehydrated will help your plants make the long trip. If you decide to cover your plants with plastic around the dirt, water them first as this helps keep some of the moisture in. However, plants can still dry out. Just a few minutes on a pit stop to water your plants can make or break them for the move. expensive, and there are no guarantees. If you’re moving a long distance, pick out three of your favorite plants and move them however you choose, then have a plant sale for the rest and use the money to buy new plants for your new house.