5 Tips For Selling Your Stuff

Since we’re a local moving company, we know the area pretty well, and see a lot of garage sales and moving sales. While some people make big bucks selling their used things, other sales fall flat. When you’re moving, you notice a lot of things you no longer need, but maybe you don’t want to donate them or throw them away. Make the most out of your moving sale by avoiding mistakes and setting up like a pro. Here are our top 5 tips for selling your stuff!

  1. Advertise
    Who is going to come to your sale if you don’t advertise? No one will even know you’re selling anything! If you’re town has bulletin boards in libraries, grocery stores, or community centres, use them! Write an ad in the local paper, post on Craigslist, and put up signs around town before the sale. Make sure the letters are large and bold, and include your address (with an arrow), date and time of the sale. If you’re having kids help out, signs may seem like a fun project, but they tend to turn out unclear and hard to read. Let them hang up the signs, instead.
  2. Timing Is Key
    Avoid having your sale during a holiday weekend, such as the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Even though it can seem like a good idea, people are spending time with their families, and not everyone likes to wake up early for garage sales, so there’s less of a turnout. Have your sale during the weekends after payday (usually the 1st and 3rd weekends of the month). You should also expect early birds! Early birds are garage sale pros, and show up before the designated sale time, looking to get first dibs on everything. Don’t be afraid to up your prices before your advertised time!
  3. Get Some Helpers
    Organizing a yard sale can be exhausting! Enlist friends and family to help with sorting, price stickers, set up, and money handling. If you have kids, have them set up a lemonade stand! If someone can’t help during the sale, see if they can come by and help clean and price items the night before.
  4. Create Ambiance
    There are a lot of garage sales on the weekends, so help yours stand out by having a little class! Use tablecloths, play some background music, make sure to have a garbage can set up, and have a testing station with an extension cord and batteries so people can make sure things work before they purchase them. If you have a lot of small toys, consider making paper grab bags you staple shut. The kids can even help decorate the bags!
  5. Draw Them In
    Here in Plano, Texas, weekend sales are a big deal. A lot of women have their husbands tag along, so make sure to put your large items, lawnmower and power tools front and center! If you have clothes, try to find something you can hang them on, and use wire hangers from the dry cleaners. That way, people don’t see a pile of clothes on a table and drive past, but they also won’t try to go home with your good hangers.

Hopefully this list will help you have a fun, successful moving sale! Check out our other articles for more moving tips!