Tips for Moving to a Smaller Space

Tiny houses and downsizing are becoming not only newsworthy lifestyle pieces but a way of life for a lot of people. If you’re a new college graduate looking for your first place or you’re sending your last child off to school, downsizing to a smaller space may be exactly what you need.

Utilizing the space in a small apartment or home is of utmost importance. When you go from the family home to your apartment or you’re downsizing from the home you raised your own family in, you’ll be moving to a smaller place.

Here are our top five tips for organizing your new, smaller space!

1. Go vertical.

Less floor space means having less space for tables, bookcases, and nightstands. While you need some storage for your belongings, forgoing some of the bulkier furniture in favor of tall storage like bookcases and shelves may be the best option!



Save space by going vertical in a small apartment!

2. Dual Purpose Furniture

Having a kitchen table or ottoman is great if you have room for one having a kitchen table or ottoman with secret storage space is the best! Not only will this help alleviate some of the clutter we tend to build up the longer we live somewhere, but this is great as an alternative moving box for when you prepare to move across town. Just be sure to let your local movers know that there are items inside the furniture and make sure they are safely packaged!

3. Multi-purpose Beds

Having a bed like a Murphy bed or a futon that turns into a bed are great space savers and great for if guests come over and you need a place for them to sit!

4. A Place For Everything

Living in a smaller space means less to clean but there’s more of a chance for clutter! By using wall-mounted baskets to hold mail or paperwork, you eliminate the clutter you could be building on coveted surface space keeping organized makes life generally easier!

5. Stay Simple

Whether you’re moving across College Station or moving across the country, moving allows you to cleanse your life of bulk and unwanted items. Especially if you’re moving into a small space, go through your items and donate things you no longer need. This will both cut down on needed space and cut down on clutter in your life. If there are pieces you just can’t get rid of, there’s always utilizing a storage unit!

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Your local moving company wishes you Happy Moving!