Top 5 Ways to Make Moving Less Stressful

Even if you’re moving to your dream city or home, packing up all of your belongings and transporting them to a new location is stressful. From the packing, organizing, moving and logistics, to the numerous emotions that moving brings, you’re likely to feel a little overwhelmed at some point. To take some stress off your shoulders and make moving just a little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of top ways you can reduce stress during these upcoming weeks. Here’s what you should do:

1. Create a Moving Checklist

Do you feel like you’re holding a million details in your head? Are you juggling details for moving out, moving in, setting up and disconnecting utilities, quitting and starting a new job, family, packing, and more? Most often, people begin to feel overwhelmed when they try to keep all these details jammed into their heads. Reduce stress and forgetfulness by writing everything down on a checklist. This way, when you accomplish something, you’ll be able to check it off your list, get it out of your head, and see exactly what’s left to do. Plus, every time you cross something off your to-do list it releases a little bit of dopamine and motivates you to conquer the next task! 

2.    Make Time to Say Goodbye to Friends

Moving is an emotional process, and that often gets lost by the fact that so many things need to get done. When you know you’re going to move, schedule time to say goodbye to people. Put it on your checklist and in your calendar, so you’re able to appropriately grieve your house, neighborhood, friends, and experiences. Some people don’t know they need this time until they’ve had it (or it’s too late!), and you’d be surprised how much it helps! It’s also a good idea to take photos before you leave, of your home and friends. As the years go by, it’s always fun to look back and reminisce.

If you’re worried you won’t have time to say goodbye to everyone, invite a different friend over to pack with you each afternoon or evening. Buy them dinner afterward as a thank you and chat about the upcoming change. It’ll give you two time to catch up and help you feel more settled going into the next chapter.

3.    Declutter While You Pack

Often, people don’t realize just how much they have until they move, and this alone adds stress to the process. Do yourself a favor and declutter as you pack instead of taking all the stuff you want to get rid of to the next location. Decluttering will reduce the visual stress in your home and allow you to enter your new space feeling refreshed. Plus if you’re moving into a smaller home or apartment, you won’t have to worry as much about everything fitting. Pro tip: If you still have items packed from your last move, it’s probably safe to assume you can throw it out 🙂

4. Use a Labeling System

Have you ever moved all your boxes and then didn’t have any idea what was in them once you got to your new place? If you have, you’ll only make that mistake once. Before you begin packing, create a system that will make both the room destination and contents clear of each box. Then, once you arrive, you’ll have easy access to all the items you need, saving you both time and energy. It also helps the movers know where each box should go which will save them time on move-in day. Prot Tip: It’s also a good idea to pack a toiletry bag, separate from your other items so your essential items are easy to access at the end of the day.

5.    Take a Deep Breath

Don’t forget to breathe! There will be stressful parts of this process and acknowledging that now will prepare you for some of the rockier moments down the road. Take the stress as it comes and know that it’s not only a natural human response to the situation, but it’s also temporary. Recognize the stress without letting it deter you from what you need to do! Also remember this is an exciting part of your life, and moving can be fun depending on your outlook!

Final Thoughts

You’ve got this! Moving isn’t for the faint of heart but following these tips can help you take on the challenge with confidence. And of course, if you want a stress free move, just give us a call. We’ve been in the moving business for a long time, and can make your moving experience seamless. Call us today for a free estimate, or visit here to learn more.