How to Find the Best Movers in Your Area

Finding the right movers can make the difference between an easy stress-free moving day, or having your valuables broken / lost, being overcharged for unworked man hours, or not having your movers show up at all. If you live in the Dallas or Plano area, you’re in luck, you’ve already found the best movers in your area 😉. For those of you not so lucky, here are our top 5 tips for hiring the best movers in your area. 

 1.  Licensed & Insured 

Making sure the moving company you use is licensed & insured should be the first item you check off your checklist. For a moving company to get licensed in their state, they have to meet certain requirements including, having insurance, meeting safety guidelines, have an online presence (preventing churn and burn movers), and be financially responsible. They also typically have to hold two types of insurance, one for their fleet vehicles and one to insure your items during the move. If you plan on moving to a different state, it is legally required for your movers to be licensed. Therefore, it only makes sense to only use movers that are Licensed & Insured. 

 2.  Google / Yelp reviews 

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you should always check Google and Yelp reviews for not only a good rating, but a high number of reviews. It’s very easy for a new company to have a 5-star review with only a few total reviews, so It’s important to check quality & quantity. Most people only leave reviews if they had a bad experience, so if you find a moving company with hundreds of 5-star reviews, they are definitely doing something right! 

 3.  In-person or Virtual Walkthroughs 

If a company is willing to give a you a quote over the phone without seeing your items in person or through a virtual consultation… Hang up! Experienced movers will want to know exactly what they’ll be moving to give you an accurate and fair quote. Some items like pianos, safes, pool tables, and gym equipment require special moving equipment and need to be factored into the quote.  

Some companies will also throw in hidden fees for stairs, packing supplies, insurance, assembly & disassembly fees, elevator fees, long distance carrying fees, hoisting fee, fuel charges, parking fees, you name it. Make sure you get a flat rate quote, that includes all extra fees you’re expected to pay when the move is over, and that’s done through a free in-person or virtual walkthrough. 

 4.  Local Business Address 

Scammers are everywhere nowadays and the moving business is no exception. Always make sure the company you hire has a local physical address (not a residential address). This prevents them from disappearing on you after taking your deposit. Having a local address also guarantees your move isn’t being outsourced by a third company in another state.  

5.  Check the Details 

I think we’ve all seen a small pickup truck in our lives, with its truck bed full of boxes and furniture, that is one speed bump away from toppling over. While there is more than one way to move furniture, there’s only one right way. A good moving company will carefully wrap your furniture with moving blankets and shrink wrap it together to provide the best protection for your items during the move. While this method of moving takes a little bit longer, it almost guarantees your items will be in the same condition they were in before the move.  

Check your moving company’s website and social media for behind the scene photos of moves they’ve done in the past to see how they handle people’s possessions and furniture. Everything should be wrapped and secured tightly in an enclosed moving truck for the best protection. 


It’s definitely worth the 20–30-minute online research to find a trusted moving company. If you’re in the Dallas and Plano area, we would love to be your movers. If you’re not, we’ve been around a while and have made connections with other great movers all around the US so still feel free to give us a call. If you’re interested in getting a free estimate, visit us here: