5 Essential Packing Tips for Fragile Items

Whenever you’re getting ready for a move, there’s nothing more stressful than safely stowing and moving your fragile items. After all, your boxes will be going through plenty of handling, which requires additional care to ensure they get to their new destination in one piece. There are some easy tips and tricks you can use to guarantee your items arrive in the same condition they were packed in. That’s why we’ve created the top 5 tips for packing up your fragile items.

1.  Pick the Best Packing Containers

When moving fragile items, it’s always better to separate them and put them in smaller boxes or containers. Not only does it make the box easier to handle and move, there’s less room on the inside for your items to slide around. You also want to look for strong durable boxes and throw away box that feels flimsy or has had previous water damage. Corrugated cardboard boxes have surprisingly remarkable durability and strength. Some of boxes eve come with double walls, which provide an extra layer of protection for your fragile items. Any type of ceramic or glass will be well-protected within these packing containers. 

2.  Select the Proper Cushioning

After you have selected the ideal packing containers, the next step is to pick out the best cushioning for fragile items. Depending on what items you are packing, different types of cushioning will be necessary. 

If you are making a short move, you can simply pick up “brown paper” cushioning that can be crumpled up into all of the nooks and crannies in your containers. It can also be placed in between fragile items, such as plates. This is inexpensive and protective cushioning that will prevent your fragile items from moving. Bubblewrap is another great alternative that will provide a superior level of protection for your most fragile items, as well as towels, packing peanuts, and foam. Make sure to put a layer of cushioning on the bottom of the box as well, to protect your items when the box is put on the ground.

3.  Completely Surround Your Items with Padding 

Even if you are only moving a short distance, there will undoubtedly be bumps along the way. To prevent your items from moving around during transport, make sure you have completely surrounded your fragile items with enough cushioning. This means that there should not be any empty spaces anywhere surrounding the items. You can perform the “shake test” on your box after packing to see how well your items will hold up during a move. Lightly shake the box back and forth, and feel if anything is moving around. It should feel solid, with nothing hitting the sides of the box.

Besides keeping your fragile items snug, you also will want to properly seal the containers. The most secure material will be plastic wrap. To give your fragile items the best chance they can get, you can apply heat to the plastic to condense around every item. Always, always, always put extra tape on the bottom of your box. It doesn’t matter how much you pad your box, if everything comes out the bottom when the box is lifted. This is especially true for your heavier items.

 4.  Stick FRAGILE Labels on the Containers 

While all of your items should be handled safely and securely, putting a bright red FRAGILE sticker on your box will mentally make people treat your items more carefully  These glaring warning signs are effective enough without needing to write down what specific items are within the containers. 

If you don’t have access to these stickers, you can take a thick black marker and write FRAGILE on the containers instead. Make sure you write this in big and bold letters. The message is the most important aspect of this to follow. As long as the carrier of the container can see the message that they are carrying fragile items, they will take extra care while transporting them. 

5.  Check the Weather 

It doesn’t matter how neatly and securely packaged your items are, water will find a way to ruin it. Even just a light drizzle over a few minute period can ruin boxes integrity, make them less likely to stay stacked up on each other, or let moisture reach the items on the inside. This is especially true if you’re using the back of a pickup truck for a long distance move and your items are exposed to the elements. You’re one stray rain cloud away from completely ruining your move. 

If your items are extremely valuable, expensive, or just plain hard to pack, you can always call in the experts. Safely packing, securing, and moving valuable items is our bread and butter and we are a full service moving company. Meaning we can handle your entire move from packing to unloading in your new home. For a free estimate, just give us a call at 214-662-1191!